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What did you miss at the last meeting? June 19, 2014

Toastmaster Mark Shapiro took us on a tour of summer vacations at our Voyager meeting today. And what a range of summer vacations we heard about! Where are you going on your summer vacation. Inspiring and informative speeches by reinstated member Nilo Ondivilla and Rebekah Loveless. And it seemed to be family day with the Ondivilla and Imhoff families well represented. Ten, yes ten! guests raised the energy level as everyone put forth extra effort to make them welcome and show them a true Toastmaster meeting experience. Nilo Ondivilla is next week’s toastmaster and the final meeting for our outgoing officers and Board of Directors.

And July 1 is Voyagers Day at the Fair. Mark Imhoff is organizing the event and if you’d like to man our booth for a few hours and receive a free ticket to the fair be sure to contact Mark.

June 19th Awards:

Best Topics:        Sher Hope (a guest and an ACG!)

Most Improved: Nilo Ondivilla

Best Evaluator:  Terry Hewins

Best Speaker:     Nilo Ondivilla

Won both Most Improved and Best Speech - June 19th - Way to go!

Won both Most Improved and Best Speech – June 19th – Way to go!


Next week – See you at 7:00 AM, Café Coyote, Old Town.








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Are YOU looking for a great Toastmasters Club in San Diego?

One with with exciting and dynamic professionals (and professionals to be) of ALL ages and backgrounds that can help you improve your speaking, business communications  and leadership skills? That’s what the Voyagers Toastmasters club is all about. Voyagers is one of the most established, most dynamic and most successful of all Toastmaster clubs in San Diego.

Yes, we are professional, with a strong community and business ethic, but we also are a lot of fun.

Feel free to come by (see location below) or contact Mark Shapiro at 619-249-7742 or  – and we will provide you with everything you need to know about Voyagers.

Voyagers Toastmaster improves your speaking skills, your business  communication skills and your LEADERSHIP skills! Its good for networking and improving your business communications skills. Toastmaster is not just about giving speeches – its about communicating, networking and self-improvement.

Why Toastmasters?

Imagine yourself involved in something that makes you feel courageous.  Imagine being surrounded by friends that are encouraging and supportive.  Imagine conquering fears, improving your ability to communicate and boosting your business performance.  Now, imagine having confidence and excellent self-esteem.

At the Voyagers Club, we strive to turn imagination into reality.   We are an active Toastmasters International club with a long tradition of excellence, professionalism, and enthusiasm.  Over the 27 year of our clubs existence, our members have grown into poised speakers and superior leaders because of their participation in Toastmasters.  We are proud to be known in the San Diego community as a club that inspires one another to become the best we can be.

Every club has its own personality. Our membership is diverse, including a mix of entrepreneurs, consultants, students, retirees, teachers, and stay at home parents.  Even though we take our self-development serious, we are lighthearted, cheerful, and sometimes silly.

Our club is fortunate to have over 50 active members with 30 to 35 members participating in each meeting.  The benefit of having a large membership is the ability to see many different styles and techniques.   Another component that makes our club a success is our members with 15+ years of experience.   Collectively, these members have over 100 years of public speaking experience.  They represent 20 percent of our membership and they are a huge source of inspiration, guidance and mentoring.

In summary,

  • Our meetings are centered on the philosophy that helping others succeed is the best way to learn and to retain our own skills.
  • Our members consist of accomplished highly experienced Toastmasters and speakers plus new Toastmasters and “shy” speakers, along with long-term members who continue to look for improvement.
  • No matter the experience, no matter the education, no matter the occupation, each Voyager is a resource to all the others.


Guests are always welcome to attend and participate.  If you haven’t attended our regular weekly meetings, please know that you are invited.

Since 1985, Voyagers has established a rich legacy of helping to facilitate the communications and leadership success of hundreds of people and our club has become one of the most successful and most recognized clubs in the world. Our success is a direct result of our culture and our members.

We hope you can see how our accomplished and diverse members are resources to each other and potentially valuable to you in your voyage through life.

To learn more about us and the Toastmasters organization visit our links page.

Meeting Location

Thursday Mornings
7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
2461 San Diego Avenue
San Diego, Ca, 92110
Meeting is held on bottom floor, in the back by the stairs.

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